Manage Fraudulent GBP Reviews

Managing Fake GBP Reviews: 14 Essential Tips & Strategies

Uncover effective 10 Do's & 4 Don'ts to manage fake reviews on your Google Business Profile, safeguarding your reputation and building trust with customers.

12th Nov 20 | 02nd Mar 24 | By Sannidhi

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Navigating the impact of fake reviews on your Google Business Profile requires tact and precision. These unwelcome critiques can tarnish the hard-earned reputation of your business, misleading both loyal and prospective customers alike. Even a single negative, false review can deter potential interest, casting a shadow over your business's credibility. Addressing these with care and professionalism is crucial; your business's reputation hangs in the balance. This guide arms you with effective strategies to mitigate, and potentially reverse, the damage inflicted by fake GBP reviews, ensuring your business's integrity remains intact in the digital marketplace.

What to Do?

Begin by verifying the origin of the review against your customer and sales records to confirm it's not from a genuine customer. If the review traces back to an actual customer experience, it constitutes valid feedback, not a fake review. This proactive approach not only safeguards your online presence but also demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by addressing the actual negative review. Addressing negative feedback directly is essential, and I'll soon share insights on managing such Google Business Profile reviews. Stay tuned to my blog for practical tips on maintaining your business reputation amidst challenges.

Before reporting a review, ensure it contravenes Google's content policy, which mandates that contributions reflect genuine experiences and data. Reviews that are purposefully false, contain plagiarized images, stray off-topic, use defamatory language, personal attacks, or present unnecessary or incorrect information breach this policy. Confirm that the contentious review falls under these violations to justify its removal under Google's guidelines. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your Google Business Profile and upholding the quality of information available to your customers.

Addressing fake reviews swiftly is crucial. Your prompt response not only demonstrates your commitment to customer service but also can influence public perception positively. When potential customers research your business, seeing your active engagement can mitigate the negative impact of any false claims. This proactive approach reinforces your dedication to maintaining a trustworthy and customer-focused online presence, aligning with Google's best practices for managing your Business Profile effectively.

When addressing a fake review, maintaining a professional and courteous response tone is crucial. A polite reply not only upholds your business's reputation but also accommodates the possibility of a simple mistake, such as a reviewer confusing your business with another due to similar names. This approach not only reflects well on your business's character but also aligns with Google Business Profile guidelines, emphasizing the importance of constructive engagement with all feedback.

In your reply to a review on your GBP, consider asking for specific details such as the date, time, and location of the service or transaction, along with any product or service specifics. If it's standard practice for your business to issue receipts, requesting a transaction number can further validate the authenticity of the customer's experience. This approach not only aids in verifying the claim but also demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and diligence in resolving any issues, reinforcing trust among both current and potential customers.

Flagging the reviewer's profile is a critical step in combating fake reviews on your Google Business Profile. This action not only contributes to your efforts in maintaining your business's integrity but also collaborates with the wider community to identify repeat offenders. Your proactive stance signals to Google and potential customers your commitment to authenticity and fairness in online interactions. This collective effort can significantly strengthen the case against those who misuse the review system, making every report you make an important part of maintaining a trustworthy online environment for businesses and consumers alike.

Mobilizing your Google Business Profile account team, including Owners, Managers, and Site Managers, to flag a suspicious reviewer's profile is a strategic move. Expanding this effort through your social media channels, by sharing screenshots of dubious reviews and asking your followers for support, can amplify the impact. This collective action not only raises awareness but also significantly increases the likelihood of Google taking notice and acting to remove fraudulent feedback. Engaging your community in this way demonstrates a united front against dishonest practices, safeguarding your business's online reputation.

After implementing the initial steps, allow a week for potential withdrawal of fake reviews. If unresolved, contact Google Business Profile support with detailed evidence. Should there be no response within another week, escalate the issue via Twitter, tagging its handle with all relevant details. This methodical approach ensures you've exhausted all avenues, demonstrating patience and diligence in seeking resolution, while also leveraging social media's visibility to prompt action from Google.

While managing fake reviews, simultaneously boost your Google Business Profile with genuine, positive feedback. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences, following up appropriately without being intrusive. A robust, engaging profile not only mitigates the impact of negative reviews but also enhances customer interaction. For strategies to maintain an impressive profile, refer to 30 Best GBP Ranking Tips In Short And Simple Words for actionable insights. This balanced approach helps overshadow fake feedback and solidifies your business's reputation.

When confronting fake reviews, suggesting legal action as a last resort can be effective. It's crucial to communicate this in a professional manner, emphasizing the serious impact such reviews have on your business's reputation. If the reviewer's identity is clear, this step often prompts the removal of the false feedback. Moreover, including a note about potential legal consequences can act as a deterrent to others contemplating similar actions. This approach should be handled delicately, ensuring it aligns with both Google's guidelines and legal standards, to maintain the integrity of your business's online presence.

What Not to Do?

Ignoring fake reviews on your Google Business Profile is not advisable. Act promptly to address even a single false critique to protect your business's reputation. Unattended fake reviews can negatively impact the perception of both existing and potential customers, potentially affecting your brand's value, sales, and revenue over time. Prioritizing the management of these reviews underscores your commitment to your business's integrity and customer satisfaction.

When addressing fake reviews, it's critical to maintain professionalism in your responses. Avoid any form of threats, as these can backfire legally and tarnish your business's image. Instead, you can mention legal action in a calm and composed manner if necessary. Remember, your responses are public and reflect on your business's values and approach to customer service. Maintaining dignity in your communication protects your reputation and demonstrates your commitment to resolving issues constructively.

Handling fake GBP reviews with grace is essential. Despite the frustration they cause, maintaining a professional and polite tone in your responses is crucial. Avoid personal attacks or abusive language, as your response reflects on your business. Remember, when you reply to reviews, you're not just addressing the reviewer but also showing potential customers how you manage criticism and challenges. Keeping your communication respectful and composed helps preserve your business's reputation and demonstrates your commitment to excellent customer service.

Persistently following up with Google Business Profile support is crucial. The support team is often overwhelmed, so if you don't receive a response within a week, continue to reach out patiently and constructively. Avoid expressing frustration publicly on support forums or social media. Remember, Google aims to maintain the integrity of its platforms; your detailed reports and persistent, respectful follow-ups are valuable in assisting Google to identify and address issues effectively.


In navigating the challenge of fake GBP reviews, embodying professionalism and persistence is key. This guide has equipped you with a balanced arsenal of strategies to protect and enhance your business's online reputation effectively. From verifying review authenticity to considering legal action, each step reinforces your commitment to integrity. Remember, your actions not only shape your business's image but also set a standard for customer interaction online. Embrace these practices to maintain a reputable and trustworthy presence in the digital marketplace.