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SannidhiSEO helps the businesses accomplish Return On Investment (ROI) and improve the page rank by optimizing for the best! ASAP.

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You by far Sannidhi have the top SEO provider I have ever hired.

Real Estate, Canada

This is just amazing. I'm honestly at a loss of words. I didn't think the audit would be so detailed. Thank you so much for this, I will try and implement the changes as suggested by you ASAP.

Pets, USA

Thanks for your Report Sannidhi. I have read it entirely and am impressed. We have be interested in your services to help us out with our site if your interested.

Sports, USA

Would you be able to fix this stuff and cost by chance? and thank you again.

(Client's reaction after sharing an extensive audit report.)

Mobile, UK

Within days I had a blog post ranking at #2 position! That's without a single backlink!

Google for "fake seo consultant" and see for yourself.

Hey! I'm Sannidhi, founder of SannidhiSEO.

I'm a freelance SEO consultant.

Are you facing problems with page rankings or visibility in search results? Do you find it difficult to make visitors click on search result links to visit your website? Having problems in landing pages to make the user proceed to the cart?

Ultimately, looking to increase the sales?

That's what exactly I help achieve for my clients. And, I can surely help you too.

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Your success is my success. It's as simple and clear as that doing business with SannidhiSEO. I'm a fanatic achiever who embraces your business goals to accomplish the best results and settles for nothing less. Hungry for success, I find accomplished upon your success as I completely understand that my growth is directly tied to your growth. Hence, I stress more on a collaborative relationship rather than a typical client-consultant relationship to achieve our shared goals.

I optimize (a note about this website's performance) web pages and Google My Business (GMB) profiles by focusing on improving Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to meet the ROI of the business as fast as possible. I consider improving ranking of a page to be a means to accomplish KPIs and not the end in itself. I conduct very meticulous and extensive audits (see my findings: 15 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid) and strategize for short and long term goals. I implement highly effective and healthy tactics that help the businesses reap rich results.

Backed by rich expertise and experience in handling various challenges in optimization, in different niches, SannidhiSEO helps clients to:

* Increase web page's ranking / visibility in search results.

* Improve click rate optimization (CRO); not just ranking a page but, also making sure that users click the links in search results to visit the web page.

* Going further, helping the businesses make sales from landing / product pages.

* Keeping a tab on the health of the website to make sure it's delivering expected results.

* Keeping a tab on the competition and the industry best practices to make sure the business is ahead.

SannidhiSEO delivers high quality services to help achieve the business's goals. Thus, helping the business grow, ASAP.

I maintain a very healthy and long term relationship with all my clients, be it for short or long term consulting services that they avail from me.

Before venturing into the SEO world, I worked (mix of startup and big companies) in the IT industry; predominantly, designing, developing and maintaining small-to-enterprise-scale software projects. I possess rich experience in delivering my services as a freelance consultant. Also, I have an entrepreneurial background of starting three online ventures.

Sannidhi Enabled Optimization

Optimize for the best!

Sannidhi, Founder of SannidhiSEO

Why SannidhiSEO?

To start with, I possess a very rich technical background in handling software projects of all scales. This helps me in understanding the technical aspects of websites very well. As I had worked for startup companies and have entrepreneurial experience of starting three online ventures I understand the business from a founder/owner perspective and that's the reason why I say - your success is my success and stress on collaborative approach to accomplish your passionate goals. As a freelancer, I possess solid experience in delivering high quality results to businesses of all sizes. Coming to SEO, I possess solid understanding of SEO concepts, Google Search, Google guidelines and the industry best practices along with extensive experience. So, as I possess a perfect blend of expertise and experience in website development, freelance consulting, entrepreneurial background and SEO, you should consider SannidhiSEO as a one-stop solution to deliver SEO consulting services.

I passionately work on every client project with genuine interest. From the very beginning of the project, I employ high quality tactics to accomplish the desired KPIs (and avoid shoddy and cheap practices) that help the businesses to enjoy rich results in long term. I do not stop at just ranking pages. I go further to bring users to landing pages and further help in making them purchase. Also, I help businesses save on advertisement spending by improving sales through leveraging freely available organic traffic. Thus, helping the business in improving the ultimate goal - revenue.

I do not undertake competing clients. I'm very transparent in all matters regarding my consultancy service offerings and, maintain a very healthy and long term relationship. I help clients understand matters in short and simple words rather than use complex and confusing jargon. Clients are highly appreciative of my work and extend contract for repeat business.

What SannidhiSEO can do

✔ Increase visibility

✔ Improve page rank

✔ Improve conversions

✔ Improve lead generation

✔ Offer high quality services

✔ Save on advertisement spending

✔ Increase sales through organic traffic

What SannidhiSEO cannot do

✖ "Guarantee" #1 page rank

✖ Magically increase page rank by tomorrow

What SannidhiSEO does not do

✖ Take competing clients

✖ Employ keyword stuffing tactics

✖ Provide fake GMB review services

✖ Promise magical results in a month

✖ Create thousands of backlinks in a week

✖ Create hundreds of guest posts in a month

SannidhiSEO Consulting Services Expertise

Google's single letter logo

Focuses on accomplishing ROI by improving the KPIs of the business, including the page rank, by analyzing the competition and, optimizing the on-page and the off-page components for the best! Know more about services.

Google My Business logo

Create and maintain GMB profiles with utmost focus on improving the bottom line of the business by studying competition, keeping the profile competitive, following guidelines and the industry trends. Learn about offerings.

A blue magnifier

Carry out meticulous and extensive audits with greatest care to the details with the help of an exhaustive checklist that is created basing on many prior audits from small-to-big websites. About SEO audit services.

2 by 2 grid showing social platform logos

Optimize for the best for all the supporting platforms such as internal blogs, guest blogs, backlinks, social and networking to further boost the authority of the website and GMB profile. More on services.

And many more expertise are listed on the SEO Services page.

If you wish to know about pricing, take a look at SEO packages.

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