SannidhiSEO consultancy services help improve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business to increase visibility in search and the bottom line.

With a solid experience in providing SEO consulting services for small-to-big businesses, I have gained tremendous insights into the good, the bad and the ugly side of the optimization that in turn help me to devise strategies for the best implementation. I keep a close eye on the industry happenings and learn from the same. While planning and implementing, I take utmost care in following the Google guidelines and the industry best practices. I'm, genuinely, passionate about my work and carry out it with same enthusiasm whether I'm doing it for a fee or for free (for non-profit organizations). It doesn't matter if you are starting a new business relationship with me or extending our contract, I exhibit the same level of utmost commitment towards accomplishing your passionate goals.

Revenue Focused

What's the point in only having pages rank in the search results if they do not bring revenue to the business? Hence, I begin with end in mind - to help the business increase the bottom line ASAP. From the start of the project, I always keep revenue in mind to strategize and meticulously plan tactics to implement for short as well as long term. Not just stopping at ranking pages, I help with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to drive those pages to make sales happen. Thus, helping the businesses earn Return On Investment (ROI) ASAP.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Driven Approach

Different businesses have different goals - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help measure the success of the business requirements. I understand this very well and carefully plan accordingly to accomplish them. Whether you are looking to increase the visibility in search results or increase page rank or with CRO or lead generation or make sales happen, I can surely help achieve your goals. I do not approach the optimization haphazardly but, base it on KPIs. If ranking is the only goal and KPI of the business to measure success, then it's fine. But as the business expects revenue, I go beyond ranking factor to measure and accomplish the business goals. I consider ranking pages to be just a means to achieve KPI goals that help grow the business in terms of visibility and ultimately in revenue.

Keywords Research

Keywords Research is one of the major factors to optimize content for search. It's the process of finding terms that are used in search by the end users. It's very important to find the right keywords to be used in a web page. If not done properly, the web pages would not be visible in search results. Hence, I painstakingly do an extensive research to find the best keywords, for primary as well as secondary keywords, that can be optimally used in the content to help web pages rank in best position.

Search Intent Research

Search intent research is the process of understanding the reason behind a search query and the type of content that is being preferred by search engines. This is different from keyword research that only deals with the terms used in a search query whereas search intent research tries to understand the reason/intent behind that query. This is a very important factor in ranking web pages. If a web page does not satisfy the search intent, it does not have a chance to rank in search results properly. So, as with keywords research, I conduct a very in depth investigation to understand the intent behind the search in oder to help rank pages for the best.

Competition Research

Competition research makes or breaks the business. If the business does not understand the competition or underestimates the same, it does not have a chance to stay on top, thus lose the revenue. To help my clients stay ahead in the niche market, I closely keep a tab on the competition to devise strategies and help implement solutions in a best possible way.

Market Research

Market research broadens the scope of looking into what's going on in the market. This is observing the points beyond that of direct and top competitors to imbibe the best even from it. And, I make sure to go beyond competition research to reach a broader market to learn and adapt from it too.

Page Rank

As I possess extensive (hands-on, designing and architecting) experience in web development, I have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of a website and of the web infrastructure as a whole. Also, I have a very good understanding and experience with the Google Search Engine - it's concepts, guidelines and best practices. So, I'm in a better position to help you with optimizing web pages for the best possible rank in shortest time frame. In this regards, you may be interested to explore two blogs: 15 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid and #1 SEO Ranking Scam.

On-Page SEO

I'm a super-optimzer when it comes to optimizing on-page elements. I meticulously explore every aspect of the page for technical and non-technical improvement opportunities with utmost focus. I cover titles, meta descriptions, headings, sub-headings, images quality, images size, ALT values for images, text, font styles, font colors, content length, content type, keywords, search intent, speed, user experience, user interface, Responsive Web Design, number of links, links quality, links placement, EAT factors and many, many, more. As you can see, I do a very meticulous and exhaustive investigation to optimize (a note about this website's performance) for the best.

Off-Page SEO

I'm also very good at off-page optimization. Be it building citations or backlinks or guest posts or optimizing authority and visibility of the website through other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc... I make sure backlinks and guest posts are highly conducive to link juice / page rank transfer to the web site. Even for all such external platforms, I painstakingly audit and devise best solutions.

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GMB Optimization / Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is a free listing opportunity, on Google Maps, provided by Google for businesses who serve the customers either at their storefront or at customers location. This is a very important channel for local businesses to reach local customers. I also provide SEO consultation services to create and maintain GMB profiles for the best possible rank. The optimization for GMB profile is also known as local SEO. The following blogs may interest you: 30 Best GMB Ranking Tips and 14 Best Tips To Deal With Fake GMB Reviews.

Meticulous And Extensive Audits

I put things under microscope and evaluate with a high degree of precision to details. I take audits very seriously, be it for startups or small or medium or big businesses, and even for non-profit organizations for which I offer my services for free. I had audited many websites and GMB profiles for technical and non-technical optimizations. Over a period of time, I had created an exhaustive audit checklist that has benefited many businesses with utmost satisfactory feedback. Checkout my findings of Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid blog.

High Quality SEO Services

The secret lies in implementation, everybody has access to information though. Be it conducting a technical audit or optimization of a webpage or an GMB profile, I do not compromise on the nature of quality and provide high quality SEO consultation services be it for startups or small or medium or big or eCommerce or even non-profit websites. I provide unique, compelling and impressive solutions for all requirements.

Process Oriented

I'm an adherent fan of process-oriented approach. Having worked with some of the best companies in the world, I had learnt the benefits of process-oriented approach and imbibed it into my work culture. And, I leverage same to help with smooth execution for all scales of SEO projects. My process-oriented approach is reflected in the implementation strategy which is explained in detail under below section.

Startups And Challenging Businesses

As I myself started three online ventures and as an employee who was also associated with startups, I find exhilarating to work with startups. I'm also very excited to work with challenging businesses. I can collaborate with any size of business: be it small or medium or big, with an exception of massive eCommerce websites. If you are looking forward to my consultation services for massive e-commerce sites that have thousands of products, I shall pass the opportunity.

Free SEO Services For Non-Profit Organizations

I offer free SEO services to non-profit organizations. If you are a small-to-medium organization, drop me an email and if time permits, I shall surely help you with a meticulous and an extensive audit and implementation. Just because I offer free SEO consulting services does not mean that I superfluously carry out my work, I still do it with all my passion as I do for any paid service.

All above services are backed by different SEO consultancy service packages to suit the needs of all types and scales of business.

SEO consultation services backed by testimonials...


You by far Sannidhi have the top SEO provider I have ever hired.

Real Estate, Canada

This is just amazing. I'm honestly at a loss of words. I didn't think the audit would be so detailed. Thank you so much for this, I will try and implement the changes as suggested by you ASAP.

Pets, USA

Thanks for your Report Sannidhi. I have read it entirely and am impressed. We have be interested in your services to help us out with our site if your interested.

Sports, USA

Would you be able to fix this stuff and cost by chance? and thank you again.

(Client's reaction after sharing an extensive audit report.)

Mobile, UK

Within days I had a blog post ranking at #2 position! That's without a single backlink!

Google for "fake seo consultant" and see for yourself.

The Implementation Strategy

I am an adherent follower of, quick, iterative implementation model and follow it for all business types: startups, small, medium and big ones. In an iterative model, all project phases are repeated in a cycle. I break down my implementation strategy as under:

Requirements gathering phase

To start with, I spend considerable amount of time in understanding the present challenges of the business and desired expectations. This helps both of us to have a clear and common understanding. I conduct a meticulous and extensive audit of the website and/or GMB profile, and make a list of all to do actions.

Analysis phase

In this phase, I conduct an extensive research on search intent, keywords, competitors and niche market to make a report. I take the best points from the report and analyze your website to adapt with unique and value-add points.

Implementation phase

With utmost care, I help implement all the to-do list of action items, following Google guidelines and the industry best practices, that were noted as a result of audit (from phase - I) and points noted in analysis phase.

Setup phase

Configure, if not already done, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and monitor (create required data collection points as per business requirement) for the health of the website. I'm strong believer in measuring data points for the growth of the business and leverage them to better understand and fine tune the strategy and implementation.

Maintenance phase

This phase repeats the above mentioned phases in cycles. Observe what's working, what needs improvement and optimize the required elements by tweaking and/or completely changing as the situation demands, following the competition and current industry trends and best practices.

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