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As a consultancy service committed to transparency, SannidhiSEO provides insights into the reasons behind a few performance issues on its website.

24th April 2021

Acknowledging the recent discussion in a Facebook group regarding the PageSpeed Insights (PSI) performance of my website's homepage, particularly on mobile devices, I want to address the concerns transparently.

I wholeheartedly agree with the observation that the mobile PSI score is not optimal. This is a known issue, and I appreciate the member for pointing it out. The limitations stem from the fact that this website is hosted on Google Sites, which imposes strict constraints on SEO customization. Unfortunately, crucial elements like title, meta descriptions, and code optimization for JavaScript and CSS are beyond my control due to platform restrictions. Consequently, addressing PSI recommendations such as "Eliminate render-blocking resources," "Defer offscreen images," or "Remove unused JavaScript" is not possible.

It's essential to note that the PSI score for desktop is a commendable 90. Despite the challenges on mobile, the overall Lighthouse score averages 90+ across various categories, except for "Performance." This reinforces the point that certain aspects are beyond my control due to the platform's limitations.

Notably, I've engaged with Google on this matter by responding to their tweet about the integration of page experience/Core Web Vitals into ranking signals, voiced on 11th Nov 2020. I remain hopeful that Google is working to address these concerns.

While Google Sites comes with restrictions, it remains a solid choice for those prioritizing security, scalability, and hassle-free maintenance over extensive customization offered by other CMS platforms. Although limitations exist, I've opted for Google Sites based on positive experiences with its overall reliability.

I extend my gratitude to the Facebook group member for bringing this issue to light, providing an opportunity to share insights into the challenges posed by the platform's constraints.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that my expertise in Search Engine Optimization consistently leads to highly satisfied clients, as evidenced by the testimonials below.

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You by far Sannidhi have the top SEO provider I have ever hired.

Real Estate, Canada

This is just amazing. I'm honestly at a loss of words. I didn't think the audit would be so detailed. Thank you so much for this, I will try and implement the changes as suggested by you ASAP.

Pets, USA

Thanks for your Report Sannidhi. I have read it entirely and am impressed. We have be interested in your services to help us out with our site if your interested.

Sports, USA

Would you be able to fix this stuff and cost by chance? and thank you again.

(Reaction after sharing an extensive audit report)

Mobile, UK

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