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Clarifications About SannidhiSEO and SEO

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about SannidhiSEO's consultation services and Search Engine Optimization practices.

Questions About SannidhiSEO

Is there a policy regarding accepting clients who operate in the same industry or have similar businesses?

SannidhiSEO follows a policy that avoids taking on projects from competing clients, whether it involves complete website optimization or focus on GBP only. Adhering to high ethical standards, I openly communicate if there is a conflict of interest with other businesses on local, national, or international levels. Count on SannidhiSEO for distinctive and trustworthy services, prioritizing the unique needs of your business.

What is the reason behind charging for your SEO audit while others offer it for free?

Great question. While some offer free tool-generated audits focusing mainly on on-page technical elements, I take a different approach. My detailed audit covers both on-page technical and non-technical elements, along with off-page sources like guest posts, external blogs, backlinks, and social platforms. This thorough examination ensures a comprehensive report, reflecting the extra time and effort invested in your project. 

Do you guarantee page ranking?

No, SannidhiSEO does not guarantee page ranking. Google page rankings are determined by complex algorithms, considering numerous factors, many of which are undisclosed to the public. Given the unknown variables influencing rankings, it's impossible to provide a guarantee on specific page rankings.

But somebody is guaranteeing ranking.

As mentioned earlier, guaranteeing page ranking is impossible. Be cautious if someone claims otherwise; they may be leading you into a scam. Explore this blog on the Page Ranking Scam for more insight. Additionally, feel free to research the topic independently to verify the information.

How do you determine fees for your services?

Given the unique nature of each project and the direct correlation between fee and specific requirements, pricing varies accordingly. I believe in fairness, ensuring that the fee aligns with the project's scope, ensuring satisfaction for both parties. For a starting point, you can refer to the base prices listed on the packages page.

How do you accept payments?

SannidhiSEO accepts payments through PayPal and online bank transfers. Upon project confirmation, the necessary payment details will be provided for a seamless transaction process. 

How is billing handled?

Billing involves a 100% advance payment, following the industry standard for retainer fees. This practice is not unique to SannidhiSEO but aligns with industry norms.

Do you provide optimization services specifically for Bing search engine?

I don't provide specific optimization services for Bing. At present, my primary focus is on optimizing websites for Google Search and Google Business Profile (GBP) only.

Why does the PageSpeed Insights report for your website indicate room for improvement?

Yes, SannidhiSEO is aware of the room for improvement indicated in the PageSpeed Insights report for the website. For detailed information on this matter, please visit the Website Performance Acknowledgment page.

Where are you from?

Hyderabad, India.

General SEO Queries

How can I distinguish a reputable SEO agency or consultant from fraudulent ones? 

Identifying a trustworthy SEO agency or consultant is crucial, and I've delved into the nuances of this topic in a dedicated blog post. Discover valuable insights and guidance on how to distinguish reputable services from fraudulent ones by exploring my blog: Tips To Spot A Fake SEO.

What are the common SEO mistakes made by businesses?

Businesses often commit common SEO mistakes due to a lack of expertise. Discover and avoid these errors by exploring a blog: Common Mistakes to Avoid in SEO.