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Explore the most common doubts clarified about SEO and SannidhiSEO's consultation services such as service types, ranking guarantee, fee, payment mode etc...

Questions about SannidhiSEO

Do you accept competing clients?

SannidhiSEO is strongly against taking up projects from competing clients be it just for keyword research or for competition / market research or for entire optimization of the website or GMB profile. If your business is found to have a conflicting interest with others at local or national or international level, I transparently inform you as it's against my ethics to take up such assignments. Be assured of unique and trustworthy services from SannidhiSEO.

Why is your websibte's PageSpeed Insights report not good?

Yes, SannidhiSEO agrees with you and is aware of it. For detail information please refer to About Website Performance page.

What consultation services do you offer?

SannidhiSEO offers consultation services that are summarized as under:

  1. Package #1 - SEO Audit And Report (with recommendations). This package is useful for those who are looking for an audit report with optimization recommendations and can implement the same on their own. This is a one time activity.

  2. Package #2 - Monthly SEO. This package is useful for those who are looking to outsource SEO consultancy services on an on-going basis. This is an on-going activity.

  3. Package #3 - Monthly Digital Marketing. This package is useful for those who are looking to outsource complete digital marketing services on an on-going basis. This is an on-going activity.

For a detail information, check SEO packages page.

Why do you charge for SEO audit when others provide it for free?

Good question. Yes, I charge for conducting SEO audit and yes others may provide it for free. The point to note is: others provide tool-generated audit to focus on on-page technical elements only but, I conduct a very detailed audit for both on-page technical and non-technical elements and, off-page sources: guest posts / external blogs, backlinks and social platforms. And, that's why I take more time to conduct a meticulous and extensive audit and, prepare a detailed report.

Do you guarantee page ranking?

No, SannidhiSEO does not guarantee page ranking. Google page rankings are completely automated and decided by complex set of AI algorithms after considering many factors of which only some are known to the general public. So, it's impossible to guarantee page ranking when many of the factors influencing them are unknown.

But somebody is guaranteeing ranking.

As stated in earlier answer, it's impossible to guarantee page ranking. If anybody says so, beware - they are tricking you into a scam. Check this blog - #1 SEO Ranking Scam. Also, you are encouraged to search on the topic and check for yourself.

What is your fee?

Well, as every project requirement is different and as implementation directly depends on those requirements, fee also varies according to your requirements. I feel it's unfair to charge a standard fee because if it does not justify your payment or my time and effort then neither you nor I will be happy. So, I prefer to set the fee basing on the scope of the project requirement that would be mutually agreeable.

Having said that, check out SEO packages page that list base prices.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment through PayPal and online bank account transfer. After the project is signed, I shall share required information to which the fee need to be transferred.

How do you bill?

100% advance, this is a retainer fee. This is as per the industry norms and nothing specific to SannidhiSEO.

Do you develop websites?

I possess extensive experience in developing websites from my employment background, freelancing endeavor and my own three online ventures. I have decided to move on to SEO world. I still get inquiries regarding website development, but I would want to spend more time on that specialization. Having said that, if you are looking for one stop solution for website development and SEO, let me know your requirements.

Do you optimize for Bing?

No, I do not optimize for Bing. Presently, I optimize websites for Google Search and Google My Business (GMB) profiles for Google Maps.

Where are you from?

Hyderabad, India.

Questions about SEO

How to spot a fake SEO agency or a consultant?

As this is a very frequently asked question and of paramount importance that needs a detailed explanation basing on various points, there's a blog specifically dedicated to this topic. You are encouraged to read it at 15 Tips To Spot A Fake SEO blog.

What common SEO mistakes are made by businesses?

Businesses make a variety of common mistakes because they lack expertise and experience in SEO. To learn about them and to know how to avoid them, visit SEO: 15 Common Mistakes To Avoid blog.

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