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1st Sep 20 | 01st Mar 24 | By Sannidhi

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How to Spot a Fake SEO

It's very important to know who a genuine SEO service provider is and who is a fake. Else, the business loses time, effort and money that has a direct impact on ROI. In this story, I share how to spot a fake SEO agency or a fake SEO consultant. More at 15 Tips To Spot A Fake SEO blog.

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Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

I share my observations of most common SEO mistakes from many of the posts and comments from Facebook and Reddit platforms, and my SEO audits. To learn more, visit the blog at 15 Common Mistakest to Avoid.

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Tips to Deal With Fake GBP Reviews

So, you have fake reviews on your GBP profile. Hm. Unfortunate. Fake reviews are always frustrating as they attack the well built reputation of the business over a period of time. Read more at 14 Best Tips to Deal with Fake GBP Reviews blog.

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GBP Ranking Tips

Google Business Profile (GBP) is an online platform that lets businesses engage with local customers through Google Search and Maps. Also known as local business, it is for businesses that walk-in customer... To read more, visit 30 Best GBP Ranking Tips blog.

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Techies And Opportunities

Out of job? Concerned about gap in your experience? Employed, but on bench? Concerned about promotion and pay hike? About to graduate? Need experience even before first job? New to freelancing? Need portfolio? You are at the right place to find opportunities. Find more on Techies And Opportunities blog.

9 Top-level domain names in a 3 by 3 grid

What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) And How to Select One?

OK. So, you plan to take your business online, cool. To do so, you need a location on the Internet so people can visit your website which is known as website or web address. When people ask what is your... Learn more at What is a Top-Level Domain? blog.

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# 1 Google Ranking Scam

The page rank on the Google search results is decided by a complex AI software by taking into account many factors. Only some are disclosed by Google to help Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) and web dev... Checkout Google Ranking Scam blog for more.