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Passionate SEO, dedicated to delivering high-quality on-page and off-page optimization services, committed to achieving the best for your business. 

Portrait of Sannidhi, the founder of SannidhiSEO.

Hey! I'm Sannidhi, founder of SannidhiSEO, hailing from Hyderabad, India. 

With nearly 20 years in the IT industry, I've designed, developed, and maintained small-to-enterprise-scale software projects on the Java Enterprise Platform, working with IBM, Convergys, Wipro, and Virtusa. I've been freelancing for years, starting three online ventures (now closed), two in the online marketplace niche and one in travel.

Venturing into the Search Engine Optimization specialization, I optimize websites for Google Search and Google Business Profile (GBP). Conducting in-depth audits, I create strategic plans for short and long-term goals, emphasizing the best ROI. I help businesses enhance their KPIs, viewing improved page rankings as a means to achieve goals, not the end. Committed to social responsibility, I provide free SEO services to non-profit organizations.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, my philosophy aligns with content linking strategist Eric Ward (optimized for Amazon), emphasizing a holistic approach beyond links and Google rankings. He said:

"Google is important, but…online marketing isn’t just about links and Google rankings, and you should never give a search engine the power to control your fate. Your site, app, and all content assets deserve the best chance for discovery via organic search, earned links, social media, selective promotion and beyond. The reality is if you focus less on Google and more on business building strategies, you end up ranking higher at Google anyway."

Beyond work, I cherish spending time with Mother Nature, indulging in travel and exploration. I'm passionate about music and sports. I enjoy movies and believe I have a good sense of humor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Comprehensive SEO Solutions with Passion, Precision and Trust 

Core Approach

Revenue Optimization

Strategic KPI Achievement

Methodical Process Execution

Superior Services

In-Depth Analysis

Meticulous Audit Expertise

Strategic Competition Research

Thorough Market Insights

Effective On-Page Strategies

Impactful Off-Page Strategies

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Passionate Commitment

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Consulting Summary

SannidhiSEO Can

✔ Maximize ROI

✔ Achieve KPIs

✔ Deliver High-Quality Services

✔ Cut Ad Spend

✔ Enhance Online Presence

SannidhiSEO Cannot

✖ Offer exclusive Ad services

✖ Provide PBN services

✖ Guarantee #1-page rank

✖ Increase page rank by tomorrow

✖ Provide exclusive backlink services

SannidhiSEO Does Not

✖ Take competing clients

✖ Provide fake GBP reviews

✖ Employ shoddy strategies

✖ Promise results in a month

✖ Implement contractual lock-ins

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