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Passionate Search Engine Optimizer delivering highly quality services for on-page as well as off-page elements to accomplish the best for the business.

Sannidhi, Founder of SannidhiSEO

Hey! I'm Sannidhi, a passionate SEO and founder of SannidhiSEO. I'm from Hyderabad, India.

I possess 15 years of experience in the IT industry, predominantly, in designing, developing and maintaining small-to-enterprise-scale software projects on the Java Enterprise Platform. I was associated with IBM, Convergys, Wipro and Virtusa. I have been doing freelance consulting since many years. I started by myself three online ventures. Two in online marketplace niche and one in travel niche.

Moving on to an exciting and awesome world of SEO, I optimize websites (a note about this website's performance) for Google Search and Google My Business (GMB) profiles for Google Maps. I conduct an in depth and exhaustive audit, and devise a plan for short term and long terms goals to accomplish best return on investment(ROI). As part of the audit expertise and experience I had come up with 15 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid. I help the businesses improve their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help grow the ultimate goal for them - The Bottom Line. I consider improving ranking of a page as a means in accomplishing KPI goals and not the end in itself. I offer free SEO services to non-profit organizations.

Regarding SEO, my attitude and approach towards it resonates with a great content linking strategist who helped the mother of all eCommerces sites - Amazon:

"Google is important, but…online marketing isn’t just about links and Google rankings, and you should never give a search engine the power to control your fate. Your site, app, and all content assets deserve the best chance for discovery via organic search, earned links, social media, selective promotion and beyond. The reality is if you focus less on Google and more on business building strategies, you end up ranking higher at Google anyway." - Eric Ward

I ❤ spending time with the mother nature, like travelling and exploring the world. I like music, movies and sports. Also, I have good sense of humor.

What SannidhiSEO can do

✔ Increase visibility

✔ Improve page rank

✔ Improve conversions

✔ Improve lead generation

✔ Offer high quality services

✔ Save on advertisement spending

✔ Increase sales through organic traffic

What SannidhiSEO cannot do

✖ "Guarantee" #1 page rank

✖ Magically increase page rank by tomorrow

What SannidhiSEO does not do

✖ Take competing clients

✖ Employ keyword stuffing tactics

✖ Provide fake GMB review services

✖ Promise magical results in a month

✖ Create thousands of backlinks in a week

✖ Create hundreds of guest posts in a month

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