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You by far Sannidhi have the top SEO provider I have ever hired.

Real Estate, Canada

This is just amazing. I'm honestly at a loss of words. I didn't think the audit would be so detailed. Thank you so much for this, I will try and implement the changes as suggested by you ASAP.

Pets, USA

Thanks for your Report Sannidhi. I have read it entirely and am impressed. We have be interested in your services to help us out with our site if your interested.

Sports, USA

Would you be able to fix this stuff and cost by chance? and thank you again.

(Reaction after sharing an extensive audit report)

Mobile, UK

Within days, I had a blog post ranking at the #2 position — without a single backlink!

Google "fake SEO agency" and see for yourself.

Consulting Services

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Google Search

Maximize ROI by prioritizing KPIs, strategizing both short and long-term goals, conducting meticulous audits, analyzing competition, implementing best practices and optimizing on-page and off-page factors.

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Google Business Profile

Establish and uphold GBP with a primary focus on enhancing the business's bottom line. This involves studying competition, ensuring profile competitiveness, adhering to guidelines, and staying abreast of industry trends.

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Conduct thorough and comprehensive audits utilizing a robust checklist crafted from extensive assessments of websites ranging from small to large scale across various niches.

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Social and Other Platforms

Optimize across various supporting platforms, encompassing internal blogs, guest blogs, backlinks, social media, and networking, to bolster the authority of the website and GBP profile.

Explore In-Depth SEO Services.

Discover Pricing in SEO Packages.

Hey! I'm Sannidhi, Founder of SannidhiSEO

I'm a freelance SEO consultant

Sannidhi, Founder of SannidhiSEO

Your success is my success — doing business with SannidhiSEO is as simple as that. As a fanatic achiever, I wholeheartedly embrace your business goals to deliver optimal results. Driven by a hunger for success, I consider myself accomplished when you succeed, recognizing that my growth is directly tied to yours. Therefore, I emphasize a collaborative relationship to achieve your passionate goals, rather than a typical client-consultant relationship.

I optimize on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization factors by focusing on enhancing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meet the business's ROI. My approach involves meticulously conducting comprehensive audits and strategically planning for both short-term and long-term goals. I implement highly effective and ethical tactics that yield significant results.

Maintaining enduring and positive relationships with you is a priority, whether it's for short-term or long-term consulting services.

Before plunging into the SEO landscape, I garnered diverse experience in the IT industry, working for a mix of startups and large companies. My roles predominantly involved designing, developing, and maintaining small-to-enterprise-scale software projects. As a freelance consultant, I bring forth rich experience in delivering top-notch services. Additionally, I boast an entrepreneurial background, having initiated three online ventures.

About Me

Why SannidhiSEO?

SannidhiSEO, a trustworthy SEO consultancy, distinguishes itself by achieving optimal client ROI without resorting to shady backlink purchases and advertisements. With a foundation of solid expertise and extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, I thrive across diverse niches. Adept at navigating Google intricacies and guidelines, I follow industry best practices, maintaining a transparent and process-oriented approach. Delivering high-quality services, I seamlessly combine SEO prowess with extensive experience in software development, ensuring you receive unparalleled value and results.

I approach your project with genuine passion, implementing high-quality strategies and tactics from the project's inception to achieve desired KPIs, ensuring long-term success for the business. I cultivate enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. I refrain from taking on competing clients, offering undivided attention. Specializing in simplifying complex concepts, I've garnered appreciation. Clients highly appreciate my work, often leading to contract extensions for repeat business.

Given SannidhiSEO's ideal blend of expertise and experience in Search Engine Optimization, freelance consulting, website development and entrepreneurial background, it's recommended to consider my services as a preferred consulting option.

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Elevate Your SEO Experience with SannidhiSEO

Core Approach

Revenue Optimization

Strategic KPI Achievement

Methodical Process Execution

Superior Services

In-Depth Analysis

Meticulous Audit Expertise

Strategic Competition Research

Thorough Market Insights

Effective On-Page Strategies

Impactful Off-Page Strategies

Key Values

Passionate Commitment

Trustworthy Partnership

Transparent Operations

Long-Term Success

Foster Healthy Relationships

Regional Services




Platform Expertise



eCommerce Solutions

Consulting Summary

SannidhiSEO Can

✔ Maximize ROI

✔ Achieve KPIs

✔ Deliver High-Quality Services

✔ Cut Ad Spend

✔ Enhance Online Presence

SannidhiSEO Cannot

✖ Offer exclusive Ad services

✖ Provide PBN services

✖ Guarantee #1-page rank

✖ Increase page rank by tomorrow

✖ Provide exclusive backlink services

SannidhiSEO Does Not

✖ Take competing clients

✖ Provide fake GBP reviews

✖ Employ shoddy strategies

✖ Promise results in a month

✖ Implement contractual lock-ins

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