Google Ranking Scam

# 1 Google Ranking Scam - Avoid The Trap

Beware of anybody who claims to deliver 100% guaranteed # 1 ranking in Google search. This is a big scam. Learn what to do when you come across such claims.

The page rank on the Google search results is decided by a complex artificial inteligence software by taking into account thousands of factors. The whole process is decided by many complicated algorithms and Google does not manually select web pages to rank. Only some of the factors are disclosed by Google to help Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) and web developers to develop content so that it's helpful for searchers to easily find the required information that they are searching for. As most of the factors that Google uses to rank a page are not disclosed, it's impossible to guarantee ranking of a page.

Hence, when an SEO agency or a consultant claims to offer that they can guarantee No. 1 ranking or any guarantee for ranking a page on Google search results, just consider this SEO - Sannidhi's Expert Opinion and it's ...

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That's All!

Guarantee of rankings by SEO agencies or consultants in Google search results page is a big scam. So, beware and do not fall for the trap. Spread the word.

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